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  • Preserving and Exploring our Musical Heritage
    The Museum of Music History
  • The Museum of Music History
    Preserving and Exploring our Musical Heritage
Our Unique Collection

We care for tens of thousands of musical artefacts spanning several centuries. Our unique collection of musical material encompasses sheet music, portraits, photographs, concert, opera and ballet programmes, ephemera and illustrated title pages, books, periodicals, sculpture, instruments, recordings and personal archives.

All aspects of vocal and instrumental music are celebrated, from opera to popular music. We provide access to researchers by appointment and are always seeking to build partnerships with other museums and institutions, including those devoted to the other performing arts.

We welcome enquiries from any individual or public body seeking a secure location to which they can donate their historical collections and archival material.

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July 2024

Latest Exhibition

Austrian composer, pianist, organist and singer who died 200 years ago.
June 2024

Previous Exhibition

German composer, teacher, administrator, pianist and conductor born 200 years ago.
Exhibition DateSubject
July 2024
Maria Theresia von PARADIS (1759-1824)
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June 2024
Carl REINECKE (1824-1910)
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May 2024
Musically Themed Liebig Cards – Part V
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March 2024
Sir Frederick BRIDGE (1844-1924)
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February 2024
William WILSON
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June 2022
Iain HAMILTON (1922-2000)
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